an ongoing story for children of all ages... or anyone who is young at heart.

About Maggie Flounce

This is a story about a girl named Maggie Flounce. Well, actually, her name is Margaret, but she is only known as that when she is in BIG trouble. It is such an old-fashioned name and what self-respecting 10 year old would want to be known by such a granny name? No, she prefers Maggie, so Maggie she is. Maggie lives with her parents and her 2 brothers, Peter and Dougie. Next door is Carol – Maggie’s best friend and partner in trouble. mayhem, and mischief.

How does this blog work?
This is a serial. No, not like the stuff you pour into a bowl on Saturday mornings and eat while watching hours of cartoons! A serial is an ongoing story. In this case, it is about Maggie Flounce and the troubles she manages to find wherever she goes and whatever she does!

How often are new chapters published?
I am going to attempt to publish a new chapter at least once per week, if not more often. You’ll be able to see the chapters on the side menu and can read them in order or out of order – it really doesn’t make a difference.

Who is Maggie Flounce written for?
Children of all ages and adults who are young at heart! All subject matter is 100% child friendly.

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